Papermint: a cultural heritage site

5.Experiencing the past


Author(s): Lev Levit, Martin Porocnik, Claudia Kogler, Barbara Lippe, Magdalena Novak

Institution(s): Gamegestalt, AUSTRIA

Papermint (A Minty Toons World) was a highly complex massive multiplayer online game (MMOG), launched in March 2007 and downloaded and played regularly by a fan community of around 20.000 users between 2007 and 2011.The online world was created entirely out of paper. “Papermint” integrated the highest narrative potential in his world in a way it has never been seen before in an online game.

Entering the world of “Papermint” feels like a trip to your favorite sunny island, where human interaction, relationships and emotions take place in peace and joyfulness. Over the course of time many people visited the island, witnessed its vegetation and population prosper.

One day the island had the chance to become one of the most popular destinations for visitors from all over the planet. But shortly before the meaningful magical bridge could be built, connecting the island with 260 million potential visitors worldwide, it was hit by serious thunderstorms, finally not withstanding them anymore. Today the island floats abondoned in the middle of an ocean, its inhabitants disappeared and with it the liveliness fell silent. Some say the island could recover, reopening up to visitors seeking nostalgia and inspiration, following in the footsteps of a once visionary society. The island – with its history of unique culture, aesthetics and Communicative opportunities is now aiming to transform into a cultural heritage site.