Marta Racconta



Author(s): Francesco Gabellone, Francesco Giuri, Maria Teresa Giannotta, Ivan Ferrari, Antonietta Dell’Aglio

Institution(s): CNR IBAM, Lecce, Italy; MiBAC – Soprintendenza per i Beni Archeologici della Puglia, ITALY

Despite the large number of monumental tombs discovered over the years in Taranto, only a few among them are open to the public. In most cases the visit is precluded and the artifacts preserved inside them until the discover, have been subsequently brought into some museums whereas the monumental structures have been restored in order to prevent their collapse. The consequence of this moving, is the de-contextualization of the grave goods and the lack of valorization of archaeological contexts. Given that, the project of CNR-IBAM “Marta Racconta. Storie Virtuali di Tesori Nascosti”, co-financed by the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Puglia, the National Archaeological Museum of Taranto (MARTA) attempts to be an effective solution which allows a virtual enjoyment of these monuments and the virtual set-up of the grave goods in their origin al contexts. Specifically, we mean the creation of a Virtual Platform which makes “accessible” ancient monuments from the Greek Taras (the ancient Taranto) currently closed to visitors. Very interesting monuments have been identified: the so-called Tomb of the Festoons, that was found in Via Crispi at the beginning of the last century; The Hypogeum of the Gorgons, was discovered some years ago in Via Otranto.

The studies carried out on these monuments made it possible to develop a wide path of knowledge ranging from funerary rituals to construction techniques. The video here proposed want to show an example of use of different technologies aimed to achieve the public fruition of a neglected and hidden heritage.